If you have a question, we have the answer.

What is the difference between Care to Move and a moving company?
You only need to make one call with Care to Move and we make everything related to your downsize, move, transition or estate clear happen.

If you’re all good in relation to aspects such as downsizing, charity collection, waste, cleaning, styling and real estate coordination … and all you need is a removalist, we recommend Your Local Movers – they have passed their self-acclaimed ‘grandmother test’, and that’s really important to us too. 

What are the advantages of using Care to Move?
Where do we start? We actually do care. We have professional backgrounds in the subject – nursing, communications and project management. Furthermore, if you, your clients, or family members need to transition and are finding it difficult to manage in the timeframe, we offer ultimate care to move for your loved ones. We have processes that ensure we plan, perform and position your move safely, efficiently and with dignity. We understand the needs of the elderly, those with physical and mental illness, people who cope with disabilities and those who are facing it tough emotionally. We are able to help anyone, but we’re not for everyone. We have a particular strength in understanding the social and psychological and familial pressures of moving, estate clearing and transitioning. 

Does Care to Move help with hoarding situations?
Of course!  We know it’s hard when there are piles of stuff everywhere and it just gets out of hand. Bequesting and throwing away our possessions can feel painful and anxiety-provoking. We are professionals and pass no judgement. We are happy to work with clients, family and health professionals to get properties to a manageable state and help set up systems to maintain it. We’ve helped hoarders and have a ‘collector’ in the family, so we know what’s involved. This is different to a ‘super collector’. In this situation, organisation, cleanliness and cataloguing is essential. We can help here too!

How long will the move take?
From a tight-time frame to a staged transition Care to Move will work to your deadline. However, as every move is different we provide a time estimate after our initial free consultation. 

How much will it cost? Do you provide estimates?
Every home and every person has unique needs. Care to Move provides a free estimate after meeting with you in your home. We are not able to set fees prior to this consultation. 

Who uses your services?
Care to Move helps anyone and everyone who would like a little help with the physical and emotional challenges moving home presents. We also assist legal professionals and families with deceased estates.

  • Seniors who live alone or have no family nearby to help them move.
  • Seniors downsizing to Independent or Assisted Living Communities, local or long distance.
  • Seniors and those with a disability moving from one residence to another who need help with the planning and moving.
  • Lawyers or family members involved in the liquidation of an estate.
  • Real estate agents and retirement villages offering enhanced client services.
  • People who are going through difficult times post separation or divorce and do not have the emotional strength to handle all of the details required.
  • People who need advice and resources to do prepare their home for sale. 

You offer many services, what if I only need some of what you have on offer?
We are happy to help you as little or as much as you need to ensure you transition to your new home goes smoothly. 

I want to send some of my furniture to my daughter who lives interstate, can you help?
Yes! We will happily arrange the packaging, transport and delivery of any of your treasured possessions to their new home. 

I live overseas but need help in organising my mother's move to an aged care facility. Where do I begin?
You’ve taken the first step by visiting Care to Move’s website. Connect with us via our contact form and we will can arrange a virtual meeting to discuss your mother’s needs. You will have one point of contact who will look after you throughout your journey. 

My siblings and I want to sell our parents’ house – can you help prepare it for sale?
Having Care to Move manage the preparation of a property or deceased estate for sale is often the best solution for families who are stretched for time and/or live in different places.

We specialise in preparing and “staging” properties for sale to maximise their sale value. By coordinating trades, arranging garden or household maintenance, comprehensively decluttering, cleaning and styling the property we ensure the house is looking its best prior to every inspection.

If you are asking us to coordinate a job in a home other than your own, we will need to sight a valid Power of Attorney.  In the case of a deceased estate, we will need to review the Will or sight grant of probate or seek our instructions from the executor (if this is not you). 

Will I need insurance for my move?
 Care to Move and our suppliers have public liability insurance and absolute care is taken when handling your personal belongings. However, for your own peace of mind we recommend reviewing your existing insurance and taking out further coverage if required. 

What are the advantages to using Care to Move over project managing it myself?
 People we work with are sometimes unable to emotionally or physically deal with the tasks or project themselves. Or, the fact is they’d rather spend their days on a nomadic adventure or start their next chapter without the worry.

We invite you to brief us about your requirements and we’ll come back in 48hrs with an estimate for you to ‘move on’ with our help. We certainly source a couple of quotes for you – we have great suppliers who we know are credible, trustworthy and will do a great job. We manage all the payments to suppliers and brief them regarding your requirements

We are also able to help you downsize and with all the ‘little things’ that may be too arduous to tackle on your own. We’ll plan, perform and position your move. Making your new home, feel like home. Given our backgrounds in nursing, caring and project management, we understand what it’s like to face such a big move, especially on your own.  Even if you do source your own suppliers, we’d be more than happy to work with them to get you set up in your new place.

If we haven’t answered your query here, please contact us for more information.