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Management of Deceased Estates

Need help with the management of deceased estates?

Losing a loved one and being left with the management of deceased estates is something most people don’t factor into their ordinarily busy lives.

Having the time or emotional strength to manage the preparation and sale of a deceased estate is a huge undertaking. Care to Move offers an empathetic and professional service, seamlessly managing the process from beginning to end for you.  Our organised and empathic staff takes the pressure off a family during an emotionally taxing time.

What is involved in the management of deceased estates?

management of deceased estate
Care to Move can manage the preparation & sale of deceased estates.

Saying goodbye to the property and possessions of a loved family member can be extraordinarily difficult.  For those requiring support during an sensitive time Care to Move is on hand to handle those things which can be overwhelming for those who are grieving.  Our flexible service can include:

  • creating an inventory of furniture and personal effects with or without photographs for distribution to authorised stakeholders
  • locating and managing the distribution of bequeathed possessions
  • sorting, packing and distribution of wanted goods to relevant family friends or beneficiaries
  • valuation and sale of unwanted assets
  • waste removal and charity donations
  • disposal of unwanted clutter and waste
  • shredding of personal documents
  • preparation of property for rent or sale.

Who needs help with management of deceased estates?

Care to Move works with a range of clients including those who are too physically or emotionally frail to do the physical work of preparing a deceased estate for sale, families who live vast distances from the deceased estate or family members who have commitments that do not allow them time to undertake the work themselves.

We work behalf of the executor to ensure the instructions of the estate are delivered in way that meets the needs of remaining family members.

We also work with solicitors who have been nominated as executors of deceased estates.

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