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Downsize a 4 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom retirement village apartment

When it’s time to downsize house to a retirement village apartment not everyone has the advantage of a big family who can take time off work and  do the pack up .  Sometimes to get the job done you need an extra hand, particularly when it needs to be done urgently.

In the humidity of February, days before a predicted heatwave, Care to Move received a call from a Niece asking for help fo rher Aunt to downsize from a house to a retirement village apartment quickly.

“She has been living on her own for several years in a big two storey house in Chermside.  Her new unit at a retirement village nearby has just settled – could we get in her in by next weekend?”

The very next day we visited the property to meet with the family and understand what was required to make the downsize and move happen. With our client’s health deteriorating quickly, it was clear the transition needed to happen, and fast.  After a chat, a cuppa and a tour of her home we discussed what was important to take to the new home and her wishes for the remaining items.

After our meeting, Care to Move prioritised the job, scheduling as many staff as possible for the next week.  With our team of seven, we are able to upscale as required and so are able to attend to urgent briefs.

Making decisions about a lifetime of possessions; what to take, what to give away and what to sell is no easy task even at the peak of health.  During the first day of the pack the benefits of having staff with nursing and social work backgrounds quickly became apparent as our client began to struggle.

The detailed notes made during the initial meeting regarding her wishes meant Care to Move staff could continue to pack to her specifications while she visited the doctor and recuperated.

By the Friday night our client was downsized from her house to her retirement village apartment, with access to fans and air conditioning.

For this project, we:

  1. Sorted and packed all remaining household items for keeping, sale, donation or waste (including providing all packaging)
  2. Arranged and supervised charity collections
  3. Organised and managed waste removal
  4. Arranged and supervised services to assist clearing her home of a lifetime of possessions (working with the client to accommodate her wishes as well as having a bit of fun along the way.
  5. Arranged and managed removalist
  6. Unpacked and set up new home
  7. Arranged cleaning
  8. Styled house for sale with remaining furniture
  9. Arranged auction house site visit and pick up following sale of house
  10. Organised real estate agents to present to client

With our awesome team of ready to move suppliers, we can coordinate your job quickly and efficiently.

If you or your family require Care to Move, please contact us for a no obligation estimate.

Email: support@caretomove.com.au or Telephone 07 3180 1689.

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