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Case Study – Creating a home for a client with a disability

As a senior professional and an accomplished, prolific artist Tom appreciates both beauty and well organised living spaces.  Which meant the environment he was living in was doubly intolerable.

Care to Move was contacted by the Aged and Disability Australia (ADA Australia) Advocate to help Tom.  He had recently returned home after two years in hospital.  During his hospitalisation Tom’s house had been packed up and a number of renovations undertaken, including the installation of a lift, to allow him to live on his own.  Unfortunately, when he returned home most of his possessions were still packed in boxes, furniture was crammed into corners, and building waste littered the house and garden.  He also needed some new furniture and a telephone to ensure his comfort and safety.

Over a few days the Care to Move team transformed Tom’s house into a home once more.   For this project we:

  1. Unpacked, decluttered and organised household items and furniture for usability and safety
  2. Hung art and styled home
  3. Organised and managed waste removal
  4. Organised and supervised builders to install built in, wheel chair friendly desks in office
  5. Purchased and installed appropriate bedside furniture
  6. Administered mobile plan purchase & training

At Care to Move we love what we do.  The honour of creating a clean, safe and beautiful living home for a client who had been living in an environment that was less that what he deserved felt amazing and the smile on Tom’s face was such a reward.

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