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Make gift giving part of your downsizing journey this Christmas

give gift downszing
This Christmas Brisbane seniors overwhelmed with the idea of more clutter, should transform their gift giving into an opportunity to downsize. “The thought of having to come up with gift ideas and then spend money on presents for people who aren’t appreciative is stressful,” said Clarissa Brandt who is a Senior Move Manager at Care to Move. “We are a culture drowning in our possessions. We take in more and more, especially at Christmas, but rarely find opportunity to discard of it,” she sa...
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Downsizing – how can a real estate agent help?

real estate agent downsizing
Guest Blogger Robin McIlwain of Belle Property Toowong has some great advice for people thinking about preparing their home for sale. What can a real estate agent offer? If you need to sell your home before you purchase a new property, ask an experienced, local agent for a market appraisal before you start looking at new properties. The agent will estimate a realistic selling price and overview costs such as marketing and professional fees. This agent can also be helpful in finding suitable pr...
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Elderly male suicide rate through the roof: early intervention program New Access here to help

mental health early intervention cure
Did you know that elderly men over the age of 85 have the highest rate of suicide?   The rate is around seven times higher than in women of all ages. Research indicates the contributing issues include severe depression, loneliness, social isolation and lack of social support; physical health issues, such as pain and cancer; and loss of independence as being important in various ways. In a recent ABC News article Monash University Professor Paul Komesaroff was quoted as saying a lack of...
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