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Elderly male suicide rate through the roof: early intervention program New Access here to help

Did you know that elderly men over the age of 85 have the highest rate of suicide?   The rate is around seven times higher than in women of all ages.

elderly male suicide rate Early Acesss Program

Research indicates the contributing issues include severe depression, loneliness, social isolation and lack of social support; physical health issues, such as pain and cancer; and loss of independence as being important in various ways.

In a recent ABC News article Monash University Professor Paul Komesaroff was quoted as saying a lack of support was partly to blame for poor mental health in many older Australians.

Early intervention

Responding to this need and recognising that prevention is better than a cure, beyondblue have launched New Access.  This free program is designed to provide early support for people feeling overwhelmed, stressed, isolated and lonely before they hit a mental health crisis that might see them end up in hospital, or worse.

Men, and in particular elderly men often feel  embarrassed or are too stoic to ask for help.  New Access has been developed by beyondblue to overcome key issues that often prevent mental health support, such as costs, lack of accessible support services and stigma.

How does New Access work?

After contacting New Access, participants are immediately assessed to ensure suitability for the program and booked in for the first of up to six sessions with their own coach.

At the  first appointment, the dedicated coach will complete an initial assessment with the client and develop a program tailored to their needs. Coaches are trained in Low Intensity Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and will  “step up” clients who require more intensive support.

Sessions occur over the phone or face-to-face, whichever works best for the individual.

At the final session, the coach and participant will evaluate progress together, and depending on needs the coach may refer participants to other support services if necessary.

Want more information about New Access?

Visit beyondblue’s website for:

How do you contact New Access?

Brisbane North – call 07 3358 4424 or email

Brisbane South – call 07 3277 4231 or email